Internet services for the bandwidth-impaired

Saildocs is an email-based document-retrieval system for the delivery of text-based Internet documents either on request or by subscription. Saildocs can deliver web pages (including text weather forecasts, and provides subscriptions for automatic delivery. Additionally Saildocs provides custom grib weather-data files per request from data downloaded from NOAA/NCEP and other sources, see "gribinfo"

Saildocs offers text-based document retrieval and subscription services for offshore sailors, adventurers, missionaries and others who must somehow live their lives without 56k-baud modems or DSL connections. There are currently two services offered, a document retrieval service which will return documents from the Internet or our own files, and a subscription service which will send Internet documents (for example weather reports) at scheduled intervals. Saildocs is supported in part by Sailmail ( but is an independent service which can be used by anyone who agrees to the terms and conditions (below).

Click here for more information about Saildocs, or send (a blank) email to

For information on requesting grib weather-data files via email, click here or send or send (a blank) email to

For information about our (free) "Viewfax" grib-viewer go to (now includes direct-download from Saildocs via internet, Iridium, etc).


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