Upcoming SailMail Seminar in San Diego (updated October 8, 2019)

Announcing an upcoming seminar in San Diego, California:
Saturday Oct 26, 9am to 4pm: Downwind Marine's Cruisers BBQ and Vendor Fair
We'll be there to answer questions about Sailmail, radios, satellites, and the seminar
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/tYNRZ2L9btbe74Gt5

Monday, Oct 28, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm

This will be an intensive two-part all-day seminar on using SailMail.
Location: Point Loma Assembly Hall ... https://goo.gl/maps/G8NCtRQGkYi95ADP9
Cost: $20 per person for each session (morning or afternoon), $40 for both
Reservations: sysop@sailmail.com

How to get the most out of Sailmail:

This year we are splitting the day into two sessions: The morning includes the basics of SailMail and the afternoon will focus on weather and how to receive needed forecasts. Each session is $20 per person and you can come to one or both, itís up to you!

Morning Session: We'll start with a tour of the website and using Sailmail via SSB radio, Satphone, Iridium GO, etc. Topics will include setting up and getting connected, troubleshooting connection issues, managing email while cruising, using Shadowmail to keep an eye on your regular email accounts, how to stay in touch with friends and keep them updated with email blasts and position reports, and other related topics.

Afternoon Session: We'll start with a review of position reporting, then turn to an in-depth discussion of weather and how and where to get weather information. We'll cover the basic warning and forecast bulletins, weather charts via email or broadcast weatherfax, the various grib files that are available and how to make the best use of them. The focus will be on getting weather info to make your own decisions, to enjoy sailing and stay out of trouble.

The presenters will be Jim & Sue Corenman and Shea Weston, experienced cruisers and circumnavigators. Jim, along with Stan Honey, founded SailMail 20 years ago; Sue handles memberships, and Shea Weston is SailMail's tech support - you will be learning from the experts.

There is plenty of room for all, but please help us with our planning by sending in your reservation to: sysop@sailmail.com
Lunch: We are offering boxed lunches from Panera Bread at $15 per lunch. You can choose between Turkey, Ham & Swiss, or Tuna, or Vegi. The sandwiches come with chips and a cookie. If you want lunch, let us know when you check in the morning of the seminar. You are also welcome to bring a brown bag lunch or find somewhere close to eat.

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Wishing you Good Sailing,
Jim, Sue & Shea

updated 10/8/2019